Fun Things for Couples to Do in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a perfectly pleasing West Coast destination for anyone looking to relax in an enjoyable way. This is also true if you'll be coming to this small coastal city with someone special. If you need a few suggestions for fun activities couples can enjoy as you prepare for your trip for two to [...]

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How to Enjoy Your Days while on Vacation in Laguna Beach

Once you check into your Laguna Beach hotel, you're welcome to soak up as much of the local scene as you can during your stay here. Given this city's prime coastal locale, you'll be even more satisfied with your visit to this majestic destination if you prefer outdoor activities, although there are some indoor options [...]

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5 Safety Tips for Traveling during Coronavirus

Traveling has gotten a lot better since the early days of COVID. While you can fly and take other forms of public transportation with relative ease, there are still a few things you’ll want to plan for when you travel to Laguna Beach during the pandemic. Below, the friendly staff from The Art Hotel, a [...]

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Top Things Laguna Beach Is Famous For

When it’s time to take your next vacation, Laguna Beach should be at the top of your list. This seaside retreat has wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, and other aspects that make it a popular vacation spot for visitors from all over the world. Below are some of the adventures and attractions Laguna Beach is most [...]

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Great Reasons to Visit Laguna Beach for the Weekend

When you’re ready to get away for a weekend, Laguna Beach is a great option. This sunny seaside town has plenty to do, and many people associate it with longer trips. However, it also has some unique features that make it ideal for a quick weekend vacation. The friendly staff from The Art Hotel, one [...]

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6 Items to Pack for Your Laguna Beach Vacation

Laguna Beach is so gorgeous you can have a fun time without having to pack a bunch of stuff. However, being prepared can always make your trip go more smoothly. Here are six essentials to bring when you take a trip to Laguna Beach. 1. Comfortable Shoes Laguna Beach is very walkable. You don't want [...]

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If you’re planning to take a vacation soon, you should book your hotel room now so you can save money, avoid stress, and get the accommodations you prefer.

Laguna Beach, CA, is a picturesque coastal city that can be a great place to spend some time relaxing and unwinding in a casual setting. If this is why you have plans to come here in the near future, you can be sure you're not the only one who has the same idea. This is [...]

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Fantastic Restaurants to Try when You Visit Laguna Beach

Travelers visiting the elite coastal community of Laguna Beach may be surprised to learn its seven miles of waterfront feature more than 100 restaurants. Diners can find everything from charming bistros and cafés to award-winning fine dining venues. Whether you want to enjoy a special night out on the town or grab some local popular [...]

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6 Great Ways to Have a Blast in Laguna Beach

Staying at a fantastic hotel in Laguna Beach is just part of your vacation. Going on fun adventures is another essential aspect of your trip. Therefore, it would help to plan ahead for your visit and learn as much about the destination as possible before you arrive. Below are some fun things travelers can take [...]

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Top Spots for Shopping in Laguna Beach

Perched behind majestic canyons and hidden coves and bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Laguna Beach is a seaside paradise that offers many things you're welcome to add to your to-do list during a visit here. If one of your preferred vacation-related activities happens to be shopping, you're in luck! Below, the friendly [...]

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