6 Awesome Springtime Activities to Enjoy in Laguna Beach

The popular coastal community of Laguna Beach remains favored for the area's year-round pleasant climate and scenic surroundings. When you want to escape the doldrums of winter, springtime in Laguna Beach should be a consideration. The season offers a number of events to keep guests staying in hotels near Laguna Beach entertained. 1. Venture to [...]

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What Kind of Cuisine Is Laguna Beach Known For?

You don't have to be an avid foodie to have a great time in Laguna Beach. Still, it's always good to know what your options are with tasty bites, delicious dishes, and other edible delights when coming here. With more than a hundred restaurants sprinkled throughout the area, there's much to choose from when it [...]

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Fantastic Day Trip Options for Laguna Beach Visitors

The oceanfront community of Laguna Beach is a popular location to visit for individuals desiring to have fun under the warm California sun. Along with sandy beaches, rugged bluffs and canyons entice outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a number of activities. However, there are a number of towns and cities within close proximity to Laguna Beach [...]

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Favorite Spots for Laguna Beach Locals

The nearly nine square miles of Laguna Beach encompass stunning landscapes, a thriving art culture, and common activities visitors might want to explore. Visiting the community like a local involves participating in a variety of outings residents often enjoy on a daily basis. Stop by popular hot spots, get acquainted with the local culture, and [...]

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Will I Need a Car when I Visit Laguna Beach?

As Laguna Beach encompasses less than nine square miles, navigating throughout the community doesn’t necessarily require a vehicle. More than a dozen parking lots are available, enabling guests to park vehicles for various fees so they can enjoy the community on foot. There are also a variety of transportation options if you prefer not to [...]

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How Much Time Should I Plan to Spend in Laguna Beach?

The cozy city of Laguna Beach is easily one of the most appealing gems in California's coastal region. It's a great place to visit whenever you can get away to stay in a hotel near Laguna Beach, regardless of how much time you may have available. This is why the best way to answer the [...]

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Where Are the Best Romantic Spots in Laguna Beach to Go on Valentine’s Day?

Laguna Beach is a great place to go with specific holidays or times of the year in mind. This is absolutely true if you have plans to visit this charming SoCal coastal community sometime around Valentine's Day. The friendly staff from The Art Hotel, one of the most welcoming and ideally located hotels in Laguna [...]

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5 Trendiest Places in Laguna Beach

Relaxation is easily and understandably the common vibe in Laguna Beach, given this location's scenic surroundings and other appealing perks. Still, this cozy coastal city has some hip spots worthy of your time during your visit that can make your trip an even more memorable one. The friendly staff from The Art Hotel, one of [...]

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Uncommon Ways to Have Fun in Laguna Beach

A compelling argument can be made that Laguna Beach is one of the best coastal destinations in California. We can absolutely say with certainty it's a charming community with an indescribable abundance of beautiful surroundings and things to fill up your to-do list. If you have a tendency to seek out more unusual locations and [...]

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